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Canal St chats to Mae Muller

Canal St chats to Mae Muller

We caught up with UK Eurovision entrant MAE MULLER ahead of her forthcoming show in Manchester.

Mae Muller has been a rising star in the music industry, known for her authentic storytelling and her ability to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level. Her music resonates with a wide range of audiences, and her upcoming album, Sorry I’m Late (released on 29 September) promises to be a testament to her growth as an artist.

Fans in Manchester are in for a real treat, as Mae will be gracing the stage in our city as part of her tour this week, and our Charlie Hooson-Sykes caught up with her ahead of her performance at the O2 Ritz.

Hello Mae! So lovely to meet you, and we appreciate you squeezing us in on this whirlwind of meeting faces, as you’re so busy!

Lovely to meet you too! I love this, I love to chat, so this is perfect for me.

You are exceedingly busy right now, single, album, signings, tour. How is that going? How are you holding up – are you shattered already?

You know what, the only reason why I’m tired is that I’m not used to this heat! Can we just take a chill pill for two seconds? But I’m actually really bad at staying still. I’ll say I need a few days off, and then – yesterday I had a day off, but even then, even after one day of lounging around… Alright, I’m ready, lets get back, lets go. I like being busy, especially when its because I’m promoting something like this, my new album. It’s definitely a reason to get out of bed for sure!

So you find it all energising instead?

Yeah, I think so. And the second I get a bit tired, or moan, I’m like ‘girl… this is actually amazing and you should be so lucky that people want to talk to you about your music!’ You have to look at it as an honour really. To talk about things that you make.

On that note, tell us about the album – it was a teeny bit delayed (some might say fashionably late).

In true ceramic fashion, of course. Honestly, I feel like in this industry, don’t expect it to be simple.

There’s always going to be some plot twist. It must just be my thing now! It’s coming on 29 September, it’s called Sorry I’m Late and is a collection of 17 songs that took five years. It’s all about growth and sort of finding your path, vulnerability and really knowing your self worth. I think you can really hear the journey in that. Because obviously the first song I wrote was from five years ago, and even from then til now it’s still just as valid, I still relate to it as much as I did then. But you can hear me really grow up. Before, when I first started writing these, I believed that I had to be this version of a strong woman, like a bad bitch, doesn’t take any shit, and you can’t mess with me, you’re not going to see me sweat, and I’ve got this, and I’ve got that. I felt like that was what I needed to do to survive in this industry, but you know I think since then, there’s a lot of strength in being vulnerable and you learn a lot about yourself when you are less fearful doing that. This album has really allowed me to do that, so I’m hoping people enjoy it as much as I do.

I love that. That there’s so much strength in being soft.

I feel there’s so much pressure in society. Being vulnerable is such an important part of being human and it took me a long time to learn that, using music as an outlet, to go, you know, OK, I was vulnerable in that track, and writing that I feel a lot better. And hearing it back has helped me process whatever that situation was, so I’m hoping that it can help others in that way, the way it helped me.

Can I just say that your interaction with fans is just awesome, you respond so often directly, it’s lovely to see.

Ahh thank you. I’ve always wanted that to be open – I never wanted to be this far away enigma like artist. For a lot of artists that works really well, but for me, I wanted that dialogue and that close proximity. That’s just the way I work, the way I tick and that that’s what I like to see from other artists and their fans. I feel like, you know, your supporters are the reason that you get to do what you do every day and it’s import for me to show my appreciation for them you know? And it’s just more fun! I mean when it comes to Twitter you can’t dive too deeply into the rabbit hole, but most people are just fun and kind and I think once you find the joy in that it makes this whole industry a lot easier to navigate.

You can really tell that it’s you actually responding which is lovely.

Sometimes there are some pre-written, more promo style stuff, but I think it’s so obvious when it’s not me, I find it quite funny, but 99.9% of the time it’s all me. I find joy in it, responding to trolls. I try not to do it so often, but sometimes I’m like ‘I can’t be bothered to be the bigger person today’ and you thought you could criticise me, hiding behind your screen. Not today babe. Not today.

Some days we wake up and choose violence – especially on socials as it goes with the territory!

I support women’s rights… And women’s wrongs.

Any hints about the concert itself? What people can look forward to?

Yeah, I just want it to feel like – no matter what size room I’m playing I want there to be a level of intimacy there. I want it to feel like we’re just in our front rooms just hanging out, hear the music. I’m doing some Q&A and signings. I want it to feel like a get together and to for those that maybe know my music, but who don’t know who I am really, I think it will be nice to connect with them on that level. And also, it’s about me being able to thank people for the support, and supporting the album before it’s even come out. I think it’s just going to be a fun little get together!

I’ve been to Manchester quite a few times, it’s one of my favourite places to perform. Whenever I’ve on tour and we’ve got a Manchester show coming up, I know that this is going to be one of the best shows on the tour because I feel like Manchester just loves to party. And there’s always such a presences – you know always feel like you know everyone. When I supported Little Mix in 2019 it was always a lot of fun. And before I did music, back in the day, I didn’t go to uni, but pretty much all my friends went to Manchester, so I’d get myself on like a 6 hour coach because I couldn’t afford to get the train, get myself up there, and they’d take me on all the student nights out, having the best time.

Signing and performance details.

Charlie Hoosen-Sykes for Canal St Media

Image Harry Carr

Published: 13-Sep-2023: (7251) Top Stories

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