Urban Cookhouse

Urban Cookhouse

Newly opened Urban Cookhouse has added investment with style, on the edge of the village

If you are a regular to the village you will more than likely have noticed a new eatery on Princess Street in the premises formally known as The Manhattan Show bar.

Urban Cookhouse opened earlier this year with critical success all round. The restaurant is part bar, part restaurant, styled and designed with the intention of making you feel like you are in downtown New York. Look out for the purple neon sign outside which will draw you in to a stylish, modern, industrial space with lots of personality. It is clean, perfectly laid out yet at the same time staying minimalist. Purple is the favourite colour here, not too in your face though, just enough to make it feel cool and hip. 

The bar is spacious and well stocked, there always seems to be a good looking boy behind to detract you from perusing the spirits and they are always friendly and approachable to ask for recommendations. The cocktails list has the classics as well as a few originals. Highly recommended is ‘The floraison invasion’, a martini style cocktail of Gloraison gin, Chartreuse, Rosemary and bitters, perfectly executed and will happily send you on your way. 

The menu here is quite eclectic in true New York style, taking inspiration from all over the world, a little Asian, a little English, some Asian and a lot of America. There is something here for every palate and appetite. The variety really works and is a welcome relief to the ever expanding restaurant scene in Manchester. 

You have the option to choose nibbles whilst deciding your options, whitebait being a classic, ginger and chilli pork scratchings are delicious and for a slightly lighter option you can have popcorn with a variety of sweet or savoury flavours.

The starter selection is diverse, from a simple Deli board, lovely veggie options such as Mushroom parfait and the ‘in vogue’ ingredient of the moment Cod Cheeks, served crispy with Asian slaw, chilli and lime jam. All of these have been tried and all of them delicious.

For mains you have the salads, and the grill options, 6oz sirloin at £6.95 and an 8oz Rib eye make it one of the most reasonably priced places in town. The recent addition on the summer menu of Stone Bass, chili samphire, cockle risotto with ginger and pomegranate sauce is quite simply stunning, so much so that I had to ask for the recipe for the sauce.  If you have a big appetite, the 125th Street sub is for you, breaded pig cheeks in a tomato gravy, jalapeno’s and melted cheese, sweet potato fries and slaw, this should could with a warning of, you will be stuffed.

Sides are the standard in any NY cookhouse, chips, mash, mac and cheese, beans or house salad. 

Meat lovers, fish lovers and veggie options are all catered for here and prices are very reasonable. If you have any room left there is as always dessert, options include cheesecake, strawberry soup or opt for ‘The big apple’ which consists of four ways with apple, cider doughnut anyone? If you don’t have a sweet tooth there is always the cheeseboard.

Urban Cookhouse is highly recommend not just for the food but on all of our visits the service has been faultless and that is what it should be, unscripted and enuine. The team are knowledgeable, friendly and make you feel welcome and this is something that is lacking in so many restaurants. 

If you hold a canal street card you can get 20% of food or if you visit the restaurant and fill in a form with them you can get your very own ‘Urban Legend’ card which also enables you to 20% of food on every visit.

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Rating: 4.5

story published on  Wed, 29 Apr 2015