Try Thai

Try Thai

mmmm that's really good

Flowering teas, authentic green tea mixes, a great selection of beer and a diverse menu all sound very inviting to me. They give us the same table each time we go, normally once every few months.

I have been going there for a few years and honestly, the food just keeps getting better. the staff are so funny, very friendly, and regardless of whether it is a business dinner, dinner with LGBT friends or my dearest other half, the meal is always intimate, high quality and the amount of "mmmm that's really good" comments that go round the table is incessant.

I generally over eat when there because the food is so addictive, and it is one of the few places in chinatown I can get a halal meal. I love it. So much. If it ever moved, I would follow.

With the Canal Street Card they saved 20% off their food bill.

52 - 54 Faulkner Street, Manchester - visit the website

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story published on  Thu, 12 Jun 2014