From the farm to the city

From the farm to the city

Bringing the farm to the city centre.

Butcher’s Quarter, Tib Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester

A hidden gem of a place, The Butcher’s Quarter on Tib St, now about 5 months old is building a nice little following. A welcome addition to the Northern Quarter, in fact the City itself, where unfortunately there is little option but to use supermarkets for fresh meat. The other options of Gabbott’s and The Arndale in the City Centre are not so attractive, so buying anaemic looking chicken and grey steaks has had to become the norm.

Luckily the charmingly passionate and welcoming owners Steve and Michelle have come to help remedy this, and not only do they offer unadulterated meat ranging from beef, chicken, venison, oxtail, but the produce is pretty much locally sourced from Lancashire, Yorkshire and The Peak District. Everything is the correct colour and size: so no inch round fillets, or bloated breasts. The homemade sausages are delicious and so reasonably priced: the black pudding and the Cumberland are two regular guest in my fridge – though they don’t spend much time there. Must give some of the others a chance soon!

The meat is only the beginning, as the counter extends round to a lovely selection of cold cuts including salamis, chorizo and continental hams. Then follows the cheese selection from Lancashire, with my personal favourites being the Ogden and the Sticky Toffee, but with delicious classics like Stilton and Brie also available. Obviously the try before you buy option is most welcome! They also have a nice selection of deli favourites like olives, and artichokes, but a personal winner is the beef stir fry mix: perfect for those long days, where you really have no time or energy, and all you need to add is a wok and severe heat, and dinner is served in a few minutes, without ever thinking you had to resort to a hideous ready meal, or over-priced takeaway.  Also on offer are handmade burgers, meatballs and mouth-watering marinated ribs and wings.

Aside from the food, there is a bespoke selection of handpicked wines, which might be a few pounds more than at Tesco, but that are really worth the investment. The delicious Malbec of course compliments the wonderful steaks, but the Shiraz and Carmenere are also lovely. White and sparkling wines are also on offer but if you tend not to be self-confessed winos (with standards of course - an oxymoron I know), then there is a great choice of interesting organic soft drinks and cordials by Mr Fitzpatrick’s. 

The Butcher’s Quarter is a breath of fresh air, and the charm really rubs off. Massive kudos to Steve and Michelle for following their hearts and best of luck to them both. They’ve certainly made a good start, and things can only pick up as word gets out. Looking forward to the next trip already, armed again with my Canal Street VIP card, which means 10% off any purchase.

Opening Hours: Tues-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm, closed Mondays.

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story published on  Mon, 10 Aug 2015