Naked Boys Reading returns to Manchester area

In their triumphant return to the “Greater Manchester Area” Naked Boys Reading bring you a special evening of naked boys and literature at The Golden Lion in Todmoren, just a short train ride from Manchester.

Publishing under male pseudonyms, the Brontë sisters established a unique place in the literary canon. For our evening, the language of Currer (Charlotte), Ellis (Emily) and Acton (Anne) will once again assume a masculine mode, while our boys read to you the stories that we have all come to love.

We’ll interrogate the gendered positions from which our literary traditions speak to us. We’ll desire more than within reach. We’ll believe while we tremble. We’ll trust while we sleep. And we’ll probably sing some Kate Bush, to be honest.

Naked Boys Reading is produced by the Haus of Husbands. DJ, the Duchess of Pork, will spin you some tunes throughout the night. The readings end with a knee-ups literary disco, the perfect ending to a night of nude men reading hard.

All proceeds from the ticket sales will go towards Islington Mill's fundraising campaign:

Event page: #mce_temp_url#

Tickets via link below..


story published on  Wed, 25 Jan 2017