Sinitta at Tribeca

Sinitta at Tribeca

Sinitta is best known for her hit records in the 1980s including “So Macho”, “Toy Boy”, “Cross My Broken Heart” and a 1989 cover of “Right Back Where We Started From”, and her close relationship with Simon Cowell.

She performed live at Tribeca recently and we were there.

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Cheer Up Pop Party presents Sinitta at TriBeCa Bar

A couple of months ago we were given the news that the singer Sinitta was on her way to Manchester.

If you have been as excited as we are to see her performing live in one of our popular Gay Village venues, then you won't have been disappointed!

Sinitta is most recognised for her famous hit singles released in the 80's, such as 'So Macho' and 'Toy Boy' and it was fantastic to finally see her performing them live for us.

It was like a trip back in time to Canal Street back in the 80's when every bar and club would play her songs over and over again. Everyone enjoyed themselves and started to sing along.

If you were lucky enough after the show to meet Sinitta, chat and get a photo with her - you know she's a truly genuine person and loves her fans.

It was such a pleasure to get to meet her and see her performing in person.

We want to thank the gang from Cheer Up and TriBeCa for hosting as well.

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story published on  Tue, 7 Mar 2017