Le Gateau Chocolat Queer Contact

Le Gateau Chocolat Queer Contact

Little Black dreams of becoming a prima synchronised swimmer and more

Le Gateau Chocolat's Black

As part of Manchester’s 9th Queer Contact Festival, I saw contemporary opera star/drag extraordinaire, Le Gateau Chocolat’s, Black. 

Born in Lagos, Le Gateau Chocolat shares his story about being a young and fabulous fledging gay, Little Black. 

Little Black dreams of becoming a prima synchronised swimmer like the glamorous girls he sees on television. In reality Little Black grows up and was sent to London to do a law degree. A life of body issues, abuse, depression and working in an NHS call centres ensues. Little Black ends up over talented and underwhelmed.

Put together with clear attention to detail using recorded interviews, sweet animation and a vast array of music, classic and modern, including reworks of Gershwin, Purcell, Wagner and Whitney Houston, Le Gateau shares his story with us. 

You cannot ignore Le Gateau’s vocal talent. With his deep baritone voice against the backdrop of a live, 11 piece orchestra, Le Gateau bares his soul in Black. This raw performance of a young man coming out and coming to terms with himself takes the audience from despair to joy and hopefulness and back again.

A wonderful and poignant performance. 

By Ben Brosnan for Canal St Online.

Whats still to come for Queer Contact.

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Rating: 5

story published on  Wed, 8 Feb 2017