Heather Peace live at Band on the Wall

Heather Peace live at Band on the Wall

Singer songwriter, Actress and LGBT favourite, Heather Peace was live in Manchester and we were there too.

I have seen Heather Peace play live before and she certainly didnt disappoint tonight at Band on the Wall.

The Come Home tour promoted her new EP of 5 tracks of new material. There was a powerful start with No Mercy from the successful album 'The Thin Line' followed by 'Lily', 'Forever Drowning' and 'Dance with the Devil'.

There were also some classic tracks from Fairytales including 'Fight For', 'Familiar Creature' and 'Better' 'Than You'. The 3 piece band had a good line up with the talented Michael Clancy on guitar and the Charlotte Ridley, (looking stunning) accompanying. They collectively gripped a somewhat rowdy audience and Heather briefly interacted with the excitable crowd.

The new track 'Lightbulb', co-written with Charlotte about a broken relationship was sung with emotion, the vocals were gripping and the disco beat strengthened the performance.

'I Dont Remember' is a favourite track of mine and held the audience perfectly.

A thoroughly enjoyable night for most!

By Linda Medhurst for Canal St Online.

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Rating: 4/5

story published on  Wed, 18 May 2016